Come and join WITH ME RACING Track event!

@ 1. Wheeled Motorcycle, Automobile, and Gear

2 Wheeled Motorcycle Machine Motorcycle 125cc or larger with minimum 16' road sport tires only.
Full racing slicks are not permitted. All motorcycles must be properly maintained in good working order and have exhausts systems under 105db (with license plate 96db) noise limit.
We recommend safety wired bolts for fluids and under cowl be installed.
Riding gear
Helmet Full face with face shield.
Leather Jacket 1 piece racing suit. 2 pieces suits is NOT allowed. Recommended with protector.
Gloves Leather gloves covering one's wrist fully.
Boots Covering one's ankle fully.

Automobile Machine Any automobile suitable for circuit driving. (VAN, SUVs are not acceptable)
ALL vehicles must be properly maintained in good working order with exhaust systems under 115db (with license plate 96db) noise limit.

Full face or open face.
For convertible, only full face.

Suit Long sleeves and pants. Racing suit is recommended.
Gloves Covering fingers fully. Racing gloves is recommended.
Shoes Suitable for driving. Racing shoes is recommended.
No sandals, no heels, no sneaker with thick sole.

@2. Entry flow

Fill out and submit your entry form
Receive an e-mail from WITH ME RACING automatically upon your entry form submission
When you completed application successfully, then you will receive an e-mail from us automatically.
Pay your entry fee either Credit card or bank transfer.

Please check our e-mail for more detail about payment procedure.

Check the Entry list
Your entry is completed once you finish paying. WITH ME RACING upload your entry on the following
day. If the deposit is after 15:00, we upload the day after the next. If the deposit is over the weekend, we upload on the following Tuesday.

@3. Preparation
Check your wheeled motorcycle or automobile and gear

Items need to be checked

No loose bolt
Tyre condition
Water leakage
Damage of gear
Face shield condition

Check the final entry list
We upload final entry list with classification one week before the event, so please confirm your entry. Time schedule is also uploaded at the same time.
Fill in Entry sheet
Fill out registration sheet and bring to the event.
If you donft have a printer, forms will be available at the event reception.

WITH ME Professional Racing
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